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GMS Clinic on Sadovnicheskaya Street is a center of women’s and family health, which has no analogs in Russia. Several directions and all types of outpatient care are united together. IVF is one of the most priority directions. The expansion of IVF center became a logical continuation of success and development of GMS Family Planning Center, which is among ten strongest fertility clinics in Russia. Recent achievements in the field of genetics, prenatal diagnostics and reproductive health increase the chance to become happy parents of a healthy child. IVF GMS Team succeeds in getting excellent results even in cases of serious reasons of infertility such as polycystic disease, endometriosis, and decreased ovarian reserve.

Moscow, 27/8, Sadovnicheskaya str.
About the clinic

Several directions and all types of outpatient care are combined under one roof (you don’t need to go anywhere else), we perform complex and emotionally demanding diagnostic researches, such as pregnancy screening less than in 1.5 hours. Our excellent clinical facilities and top specialists allow us to offer our patients:

  • Comprehensive diagnostics prior to the planned program, including preimplantation by aCGH, NGS, etc.
  • Individual selection of a gentle and effective IVF program, which takes into account the causes of past failures.
  • All known IVF protocols available today — preference is given to third generation IVF protocols.
  • Diagnostics of pregnancy — helps to detect risks and make sure that the health of the future mother and her child is not endangered.
  • GMS Clinic Sadovnicheskaya adds to the usual services:
  • Mammology clinic (Breast Clinic)
  • Psychological Health and Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Physical therapy center
  • Prenatal Diagnostic and Genetics Center

GMS Clinic was one of the first clinics which introduced the Matcher electronic evidence system. It allows visualization and registration of all stages of infertility treatment, as well as verification of sample identity. Matcher serves to protect staff, patients and donor banks from potential IVF error risks. Thanks to the biometric ID verification, the system confirms the identity of the patient and his or her biological material (eggs, sperm and embryos).

The clinic on Sadovnicheskaya creates a comfortable and calm atmosphere. This atmosphere is maintained by the cozy interior and beautiful views of Moskvoretskaya embankment. Every visitor of the clinic can count on understanding and care which are so important in delicate issues of reproductive medicine. If you still have questions, please call us at: + 7 903 589 5935 and our coordinators will answer them.

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