We have put together some recommendations to help make sure that your doctor’s appointment is as convenient and useful as possible. These recommendations are relevant for your first visit to most of our specialists.

  • You can choose whichever specialist you like. If you need help with choosing, our administrators will be able to help you.
  • You can book an appointment either by filling out the booking form on our website or by giving us a call.
  • Have a think about your main symptoms and problems. You can prepare some answers in advance to some of the most typical questions your doctor will ask. For instance, you might be asked:
    1. What kind of symptoms are you experiencing?

    2. How long have they been bothering you?

    3. How often do your symptoms arise and how severe are they?

    4. Is there anything you do that provokes these symptoms (for example, do they appear when you are hungry, have just eaten, have just exercised, etc.)

    5. Have any of your family members suffered from similar problems?

    6. Do you have any allergies to medication that you know about?

    7. Do you suffer from any illnesses at the moment?

    8. Are you taking any medications at the moment, and if so, at what dosages?

  • If you can bring along any results from past investigations, this will help your doctor to examine your condition, order additional tests, and create a treatment plan.
  • Try to remember if any of your relatives have been diagnosed with any particular medical conditions as this will help your doctor to understand your family history. It often helps to write this all down in advance of your appointment.
  • We would not recommend that you search for information about your symptoms on the internet. It often tends not to be worth doing as each individual is different and a successful diagnosis depends on further information gathered by a medical professional.
  • Consider what you expect to achieve from your appointment. For example, you might be looking for a second opinion on a new diagnosis or for a different treatment plan for an established condition.
  • If you feel particularly worried ahead of your appointment, it’s often helpful to write your questions down so you don’t forget them.

During Your Appointment

  • Your time is valuable, which is why GMS Clinic works in such a way as to avoid you having to wait in line for your appointment. We ask that you arrive for your appointment 10 minutes early.
  • Don’t be afraid to answer your doctor’s questions honestly even if you think they won’t approve of your activities. This is particularly important when it comes to your main symptoms, your lifestyle and any bad habits you might have. Our doctors are consummate professionals who only ask about such things so as to come up with a treatment plan that works for you as an individual.
  • Please feel free to ask your doctor any questions at all. If there’s something you don’t understand, your doctor will be more than happy to explain why they have given certain recommendations. There’s no such thing as a silly question when it comes to your health!
  • Here are some examples of questions you might like to ask:
    1. Where can I find out more about my illness?

    2. Why have you recommended this test or investigation?

    3. When will my results be ready? Where can I see them?

    4. Are there any side-effects to taking this medication?

    5. When can I expect to see positive results from my treatment plan?

    6. If I were one of your family members, would you still recommend this treatment plan?

  • It’s worth making a note of what your doctor says. You’ll want to remember this information after all.
  • You can bring friends or family with you to your appointment if you need reassurance from a familiar face.
  • Make sure you read through all the advice your doctor gives you. If anything is unclear, you can always ask for clarification.

After Your Appointment

Rather than leaving you to fend for yourself after your appointment, we make sure that all patients are followed up when appropriate. You have every right to stay in touch with your doctor in the event that you have any questions at any point throughout the course of your treatment. For example, you might need some adjustments to medication. In any case, you can take advantage of an online consultation as well as requesting a home visit from either a doctor or a nurse.

At GMS Clinic, we strive to ensure that you receive the highest-quality medical care in a comfortable, stress-free environment.