Center of Inborn Pathology

  • A qualified team of doctors in different fields.

  • Comprehensive child management.

  • Inpatient and outpatient examination.

  • Modern methods of deep diagnosis that detect genetic abnormalities.

  • Individual approach and creation of personalized treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Center of Inborn Pathology

About the direction

 Center of Inborn Pathology helps children that sufferfrom complex diseases existing at birth or before birth. Socialized medicine often cannot offer full-fledged medical examination and treatment of such children due to the nature of work of medical institutions, which is based on narrow specialization of doctors. We at our Centreapply a completely different approach to diagnosis and care for children with such diseases. As a rule, congenital anomalies cause damages to multiple organ systems at once. This is why our specialists have developed and have been successfully applying a comprehensive method of examination, diagnosis and treatment of each patient.
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Center of Inborn Pathology was created in the mid-2000s and had a narrow profile: congenital disorders of the musculoskeletal system. After GMS Clinic was chosen as a major medical base, the Centre expanded, new specialists were employed, modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment appearedand opportunities for the child to receive full treatment and grow up educated and independent as a member of society increased significantly. Today, our Centre deals with a wide range of congenital disorders, primarily bone and neurological disorders – genetic syndromes, metabolic disorders, developmental delay, convulsion, cerebral palsy, autism, and autism spectrum disorders.
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