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  • Early diagnosis and treatment of common gastrointestinal diseases

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  • The latest laboratory examination techniques

  • Dynamic observation throughout the natural course of a disease


About the direction
Today, more and more people are suffering from various gastrointestinal diseases. The main cause of this is continuous consumption of low quality products, irregular meals, smoking, and excess alcohol consumption. However, in some cases, there may be a genetic predisposition for such diseases. Symptoms such as heartburn, hiccups, vomiting, and bloating (abdominal distension) are signs of a potential gastroenterological problem.
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Our gastroenterology clinic in Moscow offers a full range of procedures on patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. We have our own laboratory, which enables us to simplify and expedite processing of necessary tests. Then, our modern diagnostic equipment clarifies and confirms each diagnosis. We use endoscopies, x-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs to detect various gastrointestinal diseases, and monitor them throughout the process of treatment.
Visiting our Gastroenterology Center during the early stages of a disease will facilitate rapid and successful treatment. By turning to our clinic for help, you will save yourself from further manifestations of gastrointestinal diseases.
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