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We opened GMS Clinic with one ambitious goal in mind: to create the best family-oriented medical center in Russia. Since we first opened our doors in Moscow in 2008, we have been striving toward this goal. We have achieved a lot since then and GMS Clinic now comprises the best team of medical professionals in the country. Hailing from Russia and abroad, our doctors work hard every day to help our patients leave us both healthy and happy.

Игорь Краснолуцкий
Igor KrasnolutskiyMPPM, MHPM, founder and managing partner
GMS Clinics and Hospitals
Игорь Краснолуцкий

One Company – One Team

Our doctors work hard every day to help our patients leave us both healthy and happy. Our administrative staff solve complex medical issues quickly and smoothly. The management team values those who take initiative and a proactive approach to their work.

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Clinics That Put Patient Care Above All Else

Each aspect of all of our clinics has been thought through down to the last detail. It’s important to us that we create an atmosphere of trust and comfort. With the help of cozy interiors, polite and attentive staff, and sufficiently long consultation lengths, we treat all our patients with understanding and respect.

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We are always looking for confident and goal-oriented professionals to join our clinic. In return, we are pleased to provide a friendly team, opportunities for career progression, full compliance with our labor code, and, of course, good coffee.

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Our Partners

Over a long period of time, GMS Clinic has become the clinic of choice for some of the largest Russian and international insurance companies.

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Our doctors always make themselves available whenever our patients need an appointment.

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