Pain Clinic

  • Fast, reliable detection of pain source

  • Various methods of effective pain management

  • Reduced pain, starting with your first procedure

  • A personal physician who will develop your individualized treatment plan

  • Minimal likelihood for recurrence of pain

Pain Clinic

About the direction
Everyone knows what pain is. However, a short sensation of pain is very different from regular, or chronic pain that can persist throughout various organs and parts of the body. This is why modern medicine has developed a separate branch known as pain treatment, or pain management.
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Our specialists at GMS Clinic have extensive experience in the treatment of pain and elimination of various neurological manifestations in patients with headaches, facial pain, lower back pain, neck pain, thoracic back pain, leg pain, foot pain, muscle pain, etc. Your personal attending physician will help you understand the pathophysiology of your pain, and develop an optimal complex of therapeutic interventions and remedies that will effectively relieve your pain, and decrease the chances of further recurrences.
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