Family Health Center

  • Your choice of personal doctor

  • Your doctor knows the long-term medical history of you and your family

  • Regular check-ups, immunisation and other preventive health measures

  • Selection of medications and individual treatment methods

  • Your family doctor is available for consultations if you are hospitalised

Family Health Center

About the direction
Family health is a relatively new area in the development of our country’s health-care system. Our doctors take a personalised approach to patients, knowing the individual needs of their bodies and their reactions to medications and particular treatment methods. This enables our doctors to offer high-quality preventive care, aimed at averting illness, and prescribe more effective treatment methods, leading to the patient’s rapid recovery and rehabilitation. The family doctor becomes your family’s friend, available for consultation on medical questions at any time of the day or night.
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The specialists at our family medicine centre are professional physicians with extensive experience who can detect and diagnose diseases in their early stages, when symptoms are light. All the family doctors at GMS Clinic have undergone special training and have the appropriate certificates. In order to maintain high skill levels and adopt state-of-the-art treatment methods, the Family Health Centre’s staff continually take extra courses and attend seminars and international conferences.

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The good health of all your family members may well be the most important thing in life. Keep a close watch on your own health and the health of your loved ones – and should any unpleasant symptoms arise, our specialists will help you!
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