Psychology and Psychotherapy

Psychology and Psychotherapy

Roman Glebovsky
Roman Glebovsky

Board Certified Top-Category Physician

Head of the Neurotic and Psychogenic Disorders Clinic


Whole team
Tatyana Aksenova

Clinical Psychologist


Natalya Astafurova

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist


Yelena Gritsenko

Psychologist, psychotherapist


Yuliya Punina



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Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...

The Psychology and Psychotherapy Centre at GMS Clinic offers the following:

  • Friendly and highly-qualified medical personnel, offering therapy sessions in Russian or English.
  • A broad range of diverse psychological relaxation methods.
  • Individual therapy, family therapy and group therapy.
  • Psychological support for patients experiencing physical health problems.

Psychological health largely reflects the body’s physical condition. Modern medical science knows of correlations between depression disorders and the potential development of various illnesses. Moreover, modern-day lifestyles with a faster pace of work and continual worries and anxieties leave people experiencing continual stress. Quite often, stress becomes an accustomed and unnoticed normal part of life – yet the wear and tear on the body from psychological overload can multiply. The Psychology and Psychotherapy Centre at GMS Clinic is specifically designed to help people who find themselves in difficult situations and lose the harmony of life.

Our Psychology Centre’s specialists will help you understand the sources of your problem. Under an experienced psychologist’s guidance, you can take an objective look at your situation, learn to easily handle problems that seem difficult at first sight and experience the joy of resolving a crisis. In providing psychological therapy, the Psychology and Psychotherapy Centre at GMS Clinic uses modern methods, proven effective at many psychological rehabilitation centres worldwide. Our clinic offers individual, family and group therapy sessions.

Want to beat stress and depression, and find inner peace and harmony at last? Come to our Psychology and Psychotherapy Centre at GMS Clinic.

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