Nadezhda Magarina
Nadezhda Magarina


Head of Pediatrics Center, Top expert


Whole team
Oleg Togoev

Medical Director, Top expert


Natalya Belova

Genetic Endocrinologist, Pediatrician, Top expert


Emilia Gavrilova

Pediatrician, curator of the direction of Spina Bifida


Alena Gavrina

Pediatrician, Gastroenterologist


Fedor Katasonov

Pediatrician at GMS Clinic’s Center for Congenital Disorders, Top expert


Vladimir Kotov

Orthopedic-Traumatologist, Pediatric traumatologist


Maria Ostrovskaya

Pediatric Neurologist


Yuliya Punina

Neuropsychologist, Clinical Child Psychologist


Daria Tarasova



Aleksey Trusov

Pediatric surgeon


Natalia Trusova

Child orthopedist


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Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...

The Paediatrics Centre at GMS Clinic offers the following:

  • Paediatricians with extensive experience in Russia and abroad.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for diagnosing and treating children’s illnesses.
  • 24-hour assistance and house calls.
  • Parents can stay in the ward with child inpatients.
  • Variety of clinical tests done in-house at the Centre.
Specialising in:
  1. Monitoring newborns: navel care, skin care, feeding advice.
  2. Monitoring healthy infants: a programme of monitoring by a paediatrician and specialists.
  3. Health assessments at regulation age intervals and at request.
  4. Pre-travel recommendations: vaccinations, first aid kits, consultations by phone.
  5. Consultations for illnesses: house calls, outpatient and inpatient.
  6. Issuing health certificates: for kindergarten, school and children’s holiday camps in Russia and abroad.
  7. Outpatient and inpatient paediatric treatment.
  8. Nutrition advice; development assessment; advice on exercise, games and toys.
  9. Instrumental laboratory tests.
  10. Consultations by an interdisciplinary team.

The world is facing the unexpected problem of falling age levels for many health problems that used to be generally confined to adults. Environmental pollution, poor nutrition and insufficient exercise are leading to a substantial increase in various conditions among children worldwide. Prevention and early diagnosis of diseases in children and adolescents are a priority in developing our country’s health-care system.

Thanks to its highly-qualified personnel and modern equipment, the Paediatric Centre at GMS Clinic in Moscow can detect and diagnose children’s illnesses at the very earliest stages. The doctors at our fee-based private children’s clinic in Moscow have many years of practical experience at children’s health institutions in Russia and abroad, enabling them to prescribe the best and gentlest treatment for each individual patient.

If necessary, our paediatric clinic’s specialists can make house calls to see your child. The visiting team has all the equipment required to make a primary examination and take various test samples. The availability of modern medications used in paediatric care makes it possible to do many procedures and give required injections in the privacy of your own home. Give us a ring – we’re sure to help you!

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