Irina Mordovtseva
Irina Mordovtseva

Irina Mordovtseva


Surgeon, Periodontologist

  • In practice since 1993, at GMS since 2005
  • Foreign languages: English
  • Hobbies: surfing, snowboard, theater
Areas of professional interest:
  • A systematic approach to professional oral hygiene
  • Maximum preservation of natural teeth (therapeutic periodontics)
  • Esthetic periodontics (restoration of contour of the gingival margin)
  • The provision of periodontal support at the stages of orthodontic treatment
  • Mini-implants in orthodontics
  • Minimally invasive intervention on the soft tissues in the oral cavity with the use of laser in children and adults

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medical programs

Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...


Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry


  • Residency in surgery (Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry)


  • Professor Anton Skolan (Switzerland): «Clinical concepts to increase the predictability of regenerative procedures and plastic surgery in periodontics. Tunnel methods», 2014
  • Professor Hee-moon Kyung (D. D. S., M. S., Ph. D.) (Korea): "Lingual orthodontic treatment with the use of microimplants", 2013
  • Dr. Stefan Hagewald: «Regenerative periodontal surgery using emdogain material», 2012
  • Dental Spa: a Master class «The Use of diode laser on soft tissues of the oral cavity», 2012
  • Professor Shumsky A. V. (MD): «Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the oral mucosa», 2011
  • Dr. Ulrich Konter, Dr. Imke Konter, Dr. Stefan Kanehl: «Management of hard and soft tissues», 2011
  • Professor Shumsky A. V. (MD): «Conceptual issues in the treatment of periodontal diseases», 2010
  • Professor Shumsky A. V. (MD): «Aesthetics and geometry in the modern restoration», 2010
  • Professor Shumsky A. V. (MD): «Current issues in endodontics Periodontology», 2010
  • Professor Shumsky A. V. (MD): «Precancerous diseases of the oral cavity and lip», 2010
  • Dr. Zorian E. V. (PhD): «Main direction of pharmacotherapy in the outpatient dentistry», 2010
  • Dr. Giovanni Zucchelli (DDS, PhD): «Plastic soft tissues in the aesthetically important area of the oral cavity: eliminate recessions, to correct vertical bone defects», 2010
  • Dr. Russell A. Baer (DDS), Dr. Nicholas A. Amigoni (DDS), Dr. Mridu Sekhar D.: "Methods of preservation of the interdental gingival papillae", 2009
  • Dr. Leites, K. N.: «Anesthesiology and emergency care in ambulatory surgical dentistry», 2009
  • Dr. Wolf-Dieter Grimm (DDS, PhD, MSc), Prof. Georg Gassmann (DDS, MSc): «Systematic treatment of chronic inflammatory periodontal diseases», 2008
  • Dr. Anton Friedmann: «The Restoration of periodontal tissues with the use of Emdogain preparation», 2008
  • Professor Hee-moon Kyung (D. D. S., M. S., Ph. D.) (Korea): "Orthodontics with anchor microimplants", 2008

Participation in congresses, conferences, symposia:

  • The endodontic conference: «Traditional endodontic treatment or surgical intervention. Evidence-based approach», Moscow, 2014
  • IX international Congress VDW GmbH: «Innovation technologies in endodontic treatment», Moscow, 2013
  • Congress Quintessence in aesthetic dentistry «How to make every restoration invisible», Moscow, 2012
  • International Congress VDW GmbH: «Innovation technologies in endodontic treatment», Moscow, 2011


  • American clinic MDM, surgeon-periodontist
  • American clinic Dental Art, surgeon-periodontist