• Full diagnostic testing using modern methods

  • Highly-qualified staff with many years of experience abroad

  • A personalised approach to each patient

  • Pharmacological and device-based therapy for endocrine system disorders

  • Special post-treatment recovery programme design


About the direction
Endocrine system disorders can have severe consquences that are difficult to treat. Such disorders can be genetic or caused by external factors such as environmental conditions, poor nutrition and a deficiency or oversupply of certain dietary elements. For several years now, the Endocrinology Centre at GMS Clinic has been successfully treating conditions associated with endocrine gland disorders. Detecting conditions at an early stage makes it possible to treat them with gentler therapeutic methods and restore organs to normal more quickly. Thus, early diagnosis of various physical dysfunctions is a main focus at our Endocrinology Centre.
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When you visit our Centre, you will have a full examination using modern diagnostic equipment, including taking any necessary test samples. Having our own onsite medical laboratory means that it takes significantly less time to produce a final diagnosis. The treatment programme designed for you by our Endocrinology Centre’s specialists is personalised and comprehensive, covering not only therapy but general health-building and rehabilitation procedures as well. We work to help you overcome endocrine system disorders, and in most cases we succeed in getting your body back to normal as soon as possible. Come to GMS clinic – we’ll help you!
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