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The GMS Trauma Center in Moscow – 24-hour assistance for adults and children

It probably doesn't occur to most Muscovites that such medical facilities as trauma centers even exist, just as healthy people generally don't think about the existence of an individual joint or muscle in one of their arms or legs. However, when someone twists a joint or strains a tendon, he becomes acutely aware of these individual parts – for example the muscles which expand and contract in order to make joint movement possible. It is suddenly “painfully” obvious that a disruption has occurred in what should be a smooth interaction between interconnected parts of the body. And it becomes clear that a problem with a small and seemingly minor body part can affect the functioning of the entire organism.

It's at these moments when a person may recall that trauma centers exist in our capital city. And we can draw a parallel: these center, like the small, “minor” parts of the body, are what seamlessly ensure the reliable, round-the-clock functioning of the complex organism known as Moscow.

And a city like Moscow needs to have more than just a few trauma centers. They need to be located throughout a city, close to places where accidents may occur; otherwise, emergency teams may arrive too late, or the transportation of injured people can take too much time. This is why 24-hour trauma centers exist in all districts of the city.

We have exactly such a trauma center at the GMS Clinic, fully prepared to offer all kinds of first aid to both adults and kids.

And we have highly qualified doctors-surgeons, orthopedic traumatologists, and x-ray specialists. “Armed” with the most advanced medical equipment, our doctors can quickly and accurately diagnose the type of trauma and its seriousness, and then determine what kind medical care is needed.

What problems can we treat?

First of all, most kinds of trauma.

  • Sports injuries (fractures, sprains, bruises, tears of muscles and tendons, damage to the meniscus, etc.)
  • Burns, cuts, animals bites, frostbite, etc.
  • Trauma caused by car accidents, falls, etc.

We should note that for the health of our patients, we do not treat serious traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other cranial traumas. Patients with these injuries must be treated at hospitals specializing in neurology.

What kind of care does our trauma center offer?

  • 24-hour diagnosis of injuries using modern X-ray equipment as well as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It is worth noting very few trauma centers (and almost no 24-hour government hospitals of the “old type”) have the kind of modern equipment we have at the GMS diagnostic center.
  • Immobilization of limbs with fractures and dislocations. We use traditional gypsum casts as well as modern polymer materials.
  • First aid for skin injuries such as cuts, bites, burns, frostbite, etc. including cleaning and suturing of wounds, and tetanus and rabies vaccination (in case of bite)

Regarding vaccinations, we should stress that tetanus and rabies are serious diseases. Mortality in these cases is high, and without treatment it is almost certain. That‘s why we can say that tetanus and rabies vaccinations save patients' lives.

Besides trauma, we treat such ailments as ingrown nails, boils, and various kinds of abcesses. Very often these cases occur outside of regular work hours, and the trauma center of the GMS Clinic in Moscow is ready to deal with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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