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Hospitalization, overnight and single-day, at GMS Clinic

It's a well known fact that serious ailments are better treated in a well-equipped hospital than at home, and that's why our in-patient department is such an important part of the clinic. We have strived to create a level of patient care and comfort that exceeds most Moscow private hospitals, to say nothing of public hospitals. Our doctors can handle difficult and even advanced-stage diseases. We provide excellent care for patients who need to be immobile while recovering from trauma. We also provide medical care for people suffering from depression, from alcoholism, or from the physiological effects of heavy alcohol consumption (hangover).

We have daytime in-patient services, particularly useful to pregnant women, for example. There is also a “single-day hospitalization” service where we can perform quick and thorough diagnoses, urgent medical procedures, and certain kinds of surgery (e.g. gynecological).

All hospitals in Moscow provide both emergency and planned hospitalization, and our GMS in-patient ward is no exception. If one of our GMS doctors, while examining or treating a patient in our out-patient facility, decides that treatment requires hospital facilities, we will make all preparations for hospitalization. And in case, God forbid, you or a family member needs emergency first aid, our in-patient department is ready for this as well. In this case, the patient is admitted as quickly as possibly, without prior testing.

No matter what medical issue you may have, our hospital is ready to provide qualified medical care in any field - gynecology, traumatology, drug and alcohol abuse, and others.

Our clinic is well-equipped with the most modern medical equipment (therapeutic, diagnostic and laboratory). This allows our GMS doctors to:

  • Accurately and quickly diagnose the disease or the injury. Our specialists have at their disposal equipment for magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, and the most modern x-ray equipment, as well as various endoscopic instruments which permit doctors to not only observe the cause of the disease, but also to take pictures of it!
  • Perform quickly all prescribed tests, even the most sophisticated ones.
  • Develop accurate and effective strategies for each individual patient, in order to avoid unnecessary additional appointments.
  • Cure our patients as rapidly as possible!

Our daytime hospitalization services also make use of the above equipment and resources. Daytime hospitalization is often recommended for pregnant women who have conditions that require observation by a gynecologist over a period of time. The expectant mother receives here all necessary diagnostic procedures, and the treatment does not involve the additional stress of being apart from her family. It costs much less than full hospitalization, because patients only pay for treatment and not an overnight stay.

An important advantage of daytime hospitalization is the reduced risk of catching an in-hospital infection, the last thing an expectant mother needs!

In addition to “single-day” hospitalization, we also offer hospitalization for treatment and/or observation over the course of several days. Examinations and procedures begin in the morning and end in the evening. For the patient's maximum comfort and convenience, he or she is surrounded by the constant care and the attention of our staff. What a difference from the hassles, the queues, and the general disorder of municipal clinics!

Human life is always associated with the risk of sickness or injury, and with the need for adequate medical care. It is important to understand that even something as seemingly insignificant as a runny nose can lead to complications which can be quite difficult to treat. And what about more serious problems? Correctly choosing a health care facility is a clear indication of concern about one's health.

Without a doubt, GMS Clinic is the right choice! And it's not only because we have excellent, modern facilities. It's because we have wonderful specialists – doctors who are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also compassionate and sensitive to the needs of sick people!

Whatever problems you may have, we can help you!

Whether it's planned treatment (e.g. infectious and noninfectious diseases, depression, alcoholism, surgical care, diagnosis) or emergency (domestic, automobile, and other kinds of injuries, treatment for alcoholic intoxication and hangovers, and so on), the path to recovery is through the hospital services at GMS Clinic!

Our phone numbers are listed under Contacts. Write them down or store it in the memory of your mobile phone. If you need us - we'll come to the rescue!

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