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 Sometimes, out-patient care is not sufficient to treat certain kinds of illnesses. In these instances, patients need a level of care which only a hospital can provide. And hospitalization is needed not only in cases of severe trauma or the sudden onset of a disease – it's also necessary when a chronic illness has worsened to the point of being a serious threat to the patient's health.

The GMS Clinic offers hospitalization services for both children and adults in our own in-patient department, which is equipped with the most modern medical equipment available.

Our in-patient department is staffed with highly qualified doctors and nurses, who provide the patient with constant but not overly-intrusive attention and care. All of our rooms are luxury-class - large, comfortable, and specially outfitted for the needs of our patients.

Our in-patient department has pediatric services, where our smallest patients can stay together with their parents, with no restrictions on visiting hours.

The GMS Clinic can also arrange for patients to be hospitalized in a wide range of Moscow medical facilities, in emergency as well as non-emergency cases. However, most of the time the GMS Clinic can handle treatment itself.

Planned hospitalization

Planned hospitalization is organized by a GMS doctor, who sends a request to the in-patient department of a hospital specializing in the particular disease or ailment of his or her patient. To accurately assess the patient's condition and choose the right in-patient department, our doctors study the patient's medical history and perform necessary medical laboratory tests.

This takes time, which is why planned hospitalization takes slightly longer than 24 hours from the time the patient arrives at GMS Clinic.

Of course it's better when a patient has been our client for some time prior to the need for hospitalization. In this case the doctor already knows the patient's medical history and has access to laboratory test results, which greatly reduces the time needed to make a decision.

When deciding about paid hospitalization, we can offer patients and their family members different options so they can choose based on location, pricing, and level of service.

If you want to know more about paid hospitalization, please call us at +7 495 781 5577, +7 800 302 5577, and we will answer your questions.

Emergency Hospitalization

Emergency hospitalization for children and adults, if required, is organized by one of our GMS doctors or a specialist from the paid ER service of GMS Clinic. Patients can receive emergency hospital treatment at our in-patient department, or at a Moscow medical facility specializing in the patient's particular disease or trauma.

In a situation requiring emergency hospitalization, there is no time to perform laboratory tests or a detailed study of the patient's medical history, since the patient must be transferred to hospital care as quickly as possible.

What services does the patient pay for?

The patient pays for in-patient time at GMS Clinic, medical procedures, and other services provided. Cash payments as well as credit cards are accepted.

GMS Clinic will provide you with all the help you need for hospitalization in the best Moscow Clinics, including our own GMS in-patient department. Our main concern is ensuring your quick recovery.

Save our phone number to your mobile phone. If necessary, please call us, and be healthy!

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