Occupational Pathology Center

Occupational Pathology Center

Lyudmila Kolycheva
Lyudmila Kolycheva


Family Physician, Occupational Health Physician


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The Occupational Pathology Centre at GMS Clinic offers the following:

    • Medical staff with extensive practical experience.
    • In-house medical laboratory.
    • Leading-edge diagnostic equipment.
    • Current database for tracking physical changes in patients.
    • Co-operation and information exchange with corporate health services.

Medical check-ups on hiring or in the course of employment are regulated under federal law. Compulsory regular health assessments are aimed at improving citizens’ health, preventing chronic illnesses and detecting diseases associated with a sector’s particular conditions. The Occupational Pathology Centre at GMS Clinic has been established to provide services for medical assessments of foreign citizens on hiring and regular health check-ups for employees.

Our Occupational Pathology Centre offers full diagnostic assessments aimed at determining and recording the body’s current condition. Based on the diagnosis results, our specialists determine trends in your changing state of health and provide recommendations for approaching the appropriate specialists. The Occupational Pathology Centre at GMS Clinic is equipped with its own medical laboratory, making it possible to process test samples and provide test results quickly. Moreover, our extensive range of diagnostic equipment significantly cuts down the time taken for health check-ups – a particularly relevant consideration for companies with a great many employees.

When you have a work-related health assessment at our centre, you can be confident that our specialists won’t miss a single health problem!

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