Our Price List

Our Price List

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Dear Irina, I want to thank you all so much for making my stay in hospital so bearable. You are all so professional and dedicated...

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Dear customers!

Here below you can find the price list of most popular medical services in our clinic.

This information is not public offer and can be changed by proprietor.

Consultations and manipulations
MD First Consultation 136 €
First Specialist Consultation 182 €
Hotel/Office/Hospital Visit 273 €
Manual therapy (1 session) 182 €

Tests and vaccinations
Complete Blood Count (CBC) including Hb, Ht, RBC, WBC, blood disk) without WBC differential count 36 €
HIV antigen and antibody 68 €
Clinical urine examination 18 €
Coprogram 39 €

CT Scan Routine 318 €
CT Scan enhanced of head, neck, axis, abdomen, small pelvis (including contrast) 455 €
MRI Routine, 1 part 364 €
MRI Enhanced, 1 part 545 €
Mammography 200 €
Densitometry 136 €
X-Ray examination from 82 €
Colored Doppler of lower / upper extremities veins 173 €
US of Abdomen (liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen) 173 €
Stress test (treadmill) without rest periods 212 €
Echocardiogram 485 €
EEG 182 €

Ambulance, within Moscow Ring Road (MRR) 355 €
Ambulance transportation per hour 184 €

Per day 455 €

We accept

Принимаются все виды пластиковых карт

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