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GMS clinic offers the following paid services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  • Ambulance/emergency service for adults and children
  • Intensive care (critical care) service for adults and children
  • Intensive care medical transportation for patients with serious or life-threatening conditions.
  • Hospitalization (for adults and children) at our GMS Clinic in-patient ward; referrals to all hospitals in Moscow (public and departmental*)
  • Medical transportation from your home or from a medical facility to other medical centers and clinics for diagnoses and tests
  • Medical emergency team for sports events, holidays and other functions
  • Ambulance aircraft (ambulance jet, helicopter)
  • Medical transportation from Moscow region and from other regions to GMS Clinic and to other Moscow hospitals (public and departmental*)
  • Medical evacuation of patients to other countries (or from other countries back to Russia)

* Departmental hospitals are ones affiliated with a particular Russian government ministry or department.

Phone: +7 495 781 5577, +7 800 302 5577 (24 hrs)


In our day-to-day lives we rarely think about ambulances, except when a blinking light occasionally appears in our rearview mirror, and we think to ourselves, "Someone's in trouble."

We almost never think about ambulances until we're the ones in trouble, and the ambulance call becomes a matter of life and death.

We want to talk for a moment about unpleasant and frightening things. GMS Clinic sincerely wishes that none of these things ever happens to you, and that you will always be happy and healthy.

However, the information below will be useful in the event you find yourself in trouble.

Life is unpredictable, full of unforeseen events and surprises lurking around the corner, and this is why we need reliable emergency services. In the modern metropolis, crowds of people move rapidly through tight spaces, often surrounded by heavy machinery - a combination which leads to rather high incidences of injury. And accidents can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. A reckless driver crosses into the oncoming lane, an icicle falls from the roof of a building, you run into an aggressive dog, or hit a patch of ice while driving out of town. What do we do when these situations result in personal injury? Of course, we pick up the phone and call an ambulance.

But injuries and accidents are not the only unexpected threats to our health.

What person can say for certain that he or she will never experience a sudden heart attack, an attack of appendicitis, hepatic or renal colic, or pneumonia? And who can guarantee that this will happen in Moscow, in the immediate vicinity of a hospital, rather than somewhere in the wilderness of Tver, at the dacha, on a fishing trip, or while mushroom hunting in the woods? No one!

In these and other cases, so much depends on the medical emergency team that arrives on the scene, because saving lives essentially comes down to two factors - the response time, and the quality of emergency care. Often, unfortunately, we read or hear in the news, "The victim died on the way to the hospital." The death is blamed on the injury or illness itself, and it's usually not mentioned that the person could have been saved if only the emergency medical assistance had arrived earlier, or if only the ambulance had been better equipped, or if the roads had not been so bad, or if only ...

GMS Clinic's Ambulance/Emergency Services

In a medical emergency, you have an alternative to a calling a government hospital ambulance: an ambulance owned and operated by a private medical clinic. These ambulances are well equipped, and staffed by highly qualified emergency doctors who are experienced in handling a wide variety of rescue situations. All of them have gone through rigorous medical emergency training, and have passed a strict selection process. They are truly the best of the best, and their level of professionalism is a guarantee that patients will receive the best possible care.

GMS Clinic runs just such a service.

What are our capabilities and resources?

Our intensive care specialists answer outcalls in a custom-built Mercedes Sprinter, equipped with all necessary equipment to immediate begin treatment en route to the hospital. The on-board equipment includes ventilators, defibrillators, electrocardiographs, portable diagnostic equipment and more. All cars are equipped with Systra hydraulic systems, which eliminate shaking when driving over rough terrain. These vehicles have huge advantages over provincial ambulances, which are usually outfitted with only a stretcher, bandages, splints, and basic drugs.

Our ambulance answers emergency calls in Moscow within a very short time. We have substations in all districts, and we are expanding the number of districts in our network. We respond to calls from not only from Moscow but from any region of Russia, no matter how remote, as well as from CIS and other foreign countries. GMS Clinic also has the ability to quickly transfer patients with conditions such as acute heart failure or stroke with complications for treatment in specialized departments of Moscow's leading medical institutions.

Providing the highest-level emergency medical care is not inexpensive, considering the kind of vehicles, equipment, and medications needed to provide care quickly enough to ensure the patient's survival. But if you think a private ambulance service is not worth the cost, remember this: when a person is on the brink of life and death, he is suddenly aware that to continue living is something which is impossible to put a price tag on.

In any case, GMS provides a choice for patients and their families.

Keep the phone number of GMS Clinic's Emergency Services with you at all times, just in case. (+7 495 781 5577, +7 800 302 5577)

We hope you never need it!

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