Yuliya Punina
Yuliya Punina

Yuliya Punina



  • In practice since 2000, at GMS Clinic since 2013
  • Foreign languages: English
Areas of professional interest:
  • Neuropsychological diagnosis, correction, rehabilitation of children: problems of development, the consequences of birth trauma and hypoxia, emotional and behavioral disorders, school failure, learning problems, hyperactivity, fatigue, inattention (MMD, ADHD, ZPR, ZR, ONR, dysgraphy, dyslexia, etc.)
  • Children’s correction of emotional-personal and behavioral disorders: neuroses, fears, anxiety, communication and behavior problems
  • Pathopsychological differential diagnosis in children and adults: affective disorders, vascular pathologies

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Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...

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Russian State Social University, Department of social medicine, clinical psychologist

Moscow State University of Education, Department of preschool psychology, child psychologist

Moscow State University of Education, Department of pedagogics and psychology, practical psychologist


  • Internship: Psychiatric clinical hospital № 4, Clinical psychology
  • Internship: Pediatric Neuropsychology Research Center

Further Qualifications

  • Neurophysiology of behavior, Moscow state University, 2018
  • Psychopharmacology for physicians and medical psychologists, Center for applied neuropsychology, 2018
  • Electroencephalography in the work of a psychologist, Center for applied neuropsychology, 2018
  • Differential diagnosis of speech disorders, League of speech activation specialists, 2018
  • Neuropsychology, work with speech disorders. The course of Professor T. H. Wiesel, 2015
  • Organization of inclusive education of disabled children with disabilities in educational institutions. Institute of special education and complex rehabilitation, Moscow state pedagogical University, 2014
  • Educational kinesiology. Exercising the brain, IRIOT, 2014
  • Psychological prevention of social risks, and education, MSUPE 2014
  • Differential diagnostics. Workshop of Professor S. D. Zabramnaya. Guild speech therapists and pathologists, 2014
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Tecnnique) emotional freedom Technique, and exercising the brain. OPPL, the European Association of psychotherapy, 2014
  • Psychoneurological and Neuropsychological Correction of Poor School Performance – Further Education Institute, Moscow State Pedagogical University, course taught by neurologist Prof. Boris Arkhipov, M.Sc., 2013
  • Integrative Psychotherapy for Emotional Disorders at the Psychiatric clinical hospital № 4, MSUPE, 2011
  • Theory and Practice of Psychological Consultations, MSUPE, 2010
  • Body-Oriented Therapy Methods and Techniques in Working With Children, MSUPE, 2010
  • Neuropsychological Diagnosis and Correction in Childhood – Pediatric Neuropsychology Research Center, course taught by Prof. Zhanna Glozman, PhD, 2010
  • Psychology of Family Relationships, MSUPE, 2009
  • Psychological Correction of Crisis and Stress Situations – Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis, group headed by Prof. Alexander Venger, PhD, 2008
  • Child and Parent Consultations, Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis, 2007
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis, 2007
  • Professional training: Training for trainers «For professionals in practical psychology». Diploma with honors, MSUPE, the Faculty of refresher training of clinical psychologists, 2006
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis, MOSPI, group headed by psychiatrist Boris Suvorov, 2004
  • Training in Group Therapy Fundamentals, Art of Training Institute, 2004


  • The Head Of The Center «Neuroplastic»
  • Lecturer at the Russian state Social University, the Higher school of psychology at the RAS, and the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis
  • Head of neurohabilitation Academy speech
  • An expert psychologist of the Psychological-medical-pedagogical Commission
  • Neuropsychologist medical center OsteoPolyClinic
  • Neuropsychologist, MEDICAL Center of diagnostics and counseling «of South»
  • Head of psychological service of NOU «Our future»

Further Information

Current Memberships

  • All-Russian Professional Psychotherapy League (OPPL)
  • Russian Guild of Defectologists

Author of articles and publications in collections of scientific works, educational-psychological literature, scientific journals, periodicals, electronic media.

The author of the four additional educational programs in psychotherapy.

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