Polyarthritis Clinic

Polyarthritis Clinic

Konstantin Dmitriyev
Konstantin Dmitriyev


Director of Family Medicine Center, Cardiologist


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Artem Karpakov

Neurologist, Manual Therapist, Osteopath, Top expert


Andrei Oros

Manual Therapist, Orthopedic Traumatologist, Top expert


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Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...

The Polyarthritis Clinic at GMS Clinic offers the following:

  • Treatment of polyarthritis by modern pharmacological methods.
  • Rehabilitation therapy using manual treatment methods.
  • Relieving disease symptoms and restoring normal joint function..
  • Joint reconstruction and replacement.

Polyarthritis is a complex joint disorder to which most elderly people are susceptible, unfortunately. Scientists have yet to determine the cause of polyarthritis, which leads to deteriorating joint function and joint pain symptoms. Over years of countering this disorder, however, conventional medicine has tested and adopted numerous pharmacological and device-based treatment methods that not only relieve symptoms and halt disease progression, but can also restore normal joint function.

The Polyarthritis Clinic at GMS Clinic offers comprehensive treatment using both pharmacological and device-based therapeutic methods. Modern equipment makes it possible to treat various forms of polyarthritis, including the rheumatoid form, by laser or cryogenic therapy. Then, to restore joint mobility, our clinic’s medical staff use classic manual therapy methods. If a decision in favour of surgical intervention is taken, in advanced or complex cases, GMS Clinic’s specialists will expertly perform reconstruction or replacement procedures for the damaged joints.

Do you want to be free of joint pain at last? See the highly-qualified specialists at GMS Clinic!

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