Men’s Health Center

Men’s Health Center

Konstantin Lokshin
Konstantin Lokshin


The head of the center of operative urology/onco-urology and andrology. Urologist, oncologist, urologist-andrologist


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Igor Abdullaev

Urologist and Oncologist


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Dear Irina, I want to thank you all so much for making my stay in hospital so bearable. You are all so professional and dedicated...

The Men’s Health Centre at GMS Clinic offers the following:

  • Qualified specialists with extensive experience abroad.
  • Comprehensive testing of patients to determine causes of sexual dysfunction.
  • Psychological assistance from experienced sex therapists.
  • Individualised programmes of pharmacological and device-based therapy.
  • Psychological cosmetic services.

In most cases, men’s sexual dysfunction problems are complex, and their causes must be sought in the fields of urology, endocrinology and sex therapy. The staff at our men’s health clinic use treatment methods based on an integrated approach to problem-solving. The main aim is to correctly diagnose the condition – which is not always due to physical dysfunction, but may be psychological. After a full evaluation of the patient, using modern diagnostic equipment, the doctor at our Andrology Centre designs an individualised treatment programme, which usually involves medications, although surgical solutions are available if necessary.

Along with medical treatment services, our Men’s Health Centre provides psychological cosmetic services that entail shaping and enlarging the penis stem and head. By agreement with the patient, these procedures may be done with medication and devices, or with the help of surgical intervention.

Our Men’s Health Centre will help you gain confidence!

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