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С клиникой GMS я столкнулся случайно, когда во время командировки в Москву почувствовал себя плохо. Коллеги по московскому офису пользуются услугами GMS по страховке, и посоветовали мне обратиться к ним. Чтобы не искушать судьбу, я последовал их совету, несмотря на высокие даже по меркам Москвы цены.

Thanks to the support

Thanks to the support of numerous embassies, sponsors, volunteers and visitors the 2013 Winter Bazaar was a big success, both financially and in terms of atmosphere. We are very happy to inform you that our joint effort was rewarded with a record result of 7,3 million rubles, which will greatly benefit the charity projects supported by the IWC.

The raffle was also more successful than ever before, with a fantastic result of 400.000 rubles. This would not have been possible without your generous donation! Attractive prizes like your family flu vaccination voucher created a lot of excitement on and around the raffle stage, and they really encouraged visitors to buy extra tickets. Therefore, we would like to thank you on behalf of the IWC and of the charity projects for your support for this year's Winter Bazaar.

We hope you and your colleagues at GMS Clinic enjoyed a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, friendship and happiness, and we wish you all the best for 2014!

Happy New Year!

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