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С клиникой GMS я столкнулся случайно, когда во время командировки в Москву почувствовал себя плохо. Коллеги по московскому офису пользуются услугами GMS по страховке, и посоветовали мне обратиться к ним. Чтобы не искушать судьбу, я последовал их совету, несмотря на высокие даже по меркам Москвы цены.

Thanks to Igor Krasnolutsky!

Dear Mr. Igor Krasnolutski,

On behalf of the more than 500 member companies of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, I would like to thank you and GMS Clinic & Hospitals Moscow for your support of AmCham’s flagship social event, the U. S. Independence Day Celebration, this year held on July 08, 2017 at Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club.

Despite the challenging weather, we were pleased with a good turnout at the event!

More than 1500 people: Russians, Americans and other guests participated in a range of games, enjoyed good food and drinks, a raffle, horse rides, musical entertainment, a polo match, armwrestling, a mile-long run and many other activities.

The day provided an excellent opportunity for the AmCham community to gather among family and friends and have fun in extreme conditions.

AmCham would like to extend special thanks to Natalya Isakovich for her great coordination of GMS work at the event.

We greatly appreciate GMS Clinics & Hospitals Moscow’s professional medical support of our event!

Thank you for being part of our great celebration!

Sincerely yours, Alexis Rodzianko

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