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World Immunization Week

Are you up-to-date?Today marks the start of the World Health Organization’s World Immunization Week.

World Immunization Week aims to promote one of the world’s most effective health tools: using vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. The 2014 campaign theme is “Are you up-to-date?”

As part of World Immunization Week, we are organizing medical check-ups in the workplace for corporate clients (company personnel). At the scheduled time, a GMS clinic doctor will come to your location and perform health checks for personnel. Lists of advice can be provided in writing if necessary. Personnel will also have opportunities to be vaccinated and get extra information about their health and ongoing preventive measures.

In a recent survey, seven out of ten corporate personnel admitted that they often come in to work when sick. And 65% of managers said they were aware of sickly workers coming in to the office. The survey also showed that people aged 35 to 44 are more likely (88%) than other age groups to go to work when feeling unwell.

Workers have various motives for turning up at work while sick:

  • workflow not allowing for absence: 55%
  • not wanting to let down co-workers: 45%
  • not wanting to lose any pay: 34%
  • fear of displeasing superiors: 17%

GMS Clinic has developed a special campaign aimed at helping managers to see their staff becoming successful, healthy, youthful and energetic. The campaign slogan is “Being Healthy is Better!” The secret of health for people in the modern world is simple: you need to pay regular attention to yourself. Don’t put your health off until tomorrow!

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