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Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...

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Arkady Stygar, MD, Board Certified Top-Category Ultrasonic Diagnoctics

«I am proud that so many children I saved a life, sort out the prospect of a child for the future.»

The doctor about yourself

I treat the oldest professionals in the ultrasound modern Russia. Since 1978 at this day I work in this field is not has betrayed her ever because I loved my profession. It's my business. I doing it for many years, examined tens of thousands of pregnant women, gynecological patients and result delayed — I have gained experience, got clinical knowledge. I have written more than 140 articles, 2 theses, received the state prize. I use your knowledge and skills in for women their future children. There are patients who first come to me pregnant, and then give daughters...

Стыгар Аркадий Михайлович

I want to tell two stories about his work:

Came to me patient of the Tula region on the period just over 20 weeks. Have her child, the doctor found a tumor in my stomach and told me to terminate the pregnancy. The patient with about 40 years, the child first, long-awaited. I her examined verdict that this “swelling” should disappear on their own. When the patient arrived at the inspection after 8 weeks, the tumors had almost no was and in the end, she gave birth to a normal, healthy girl. And later, one of my lecture, the doctor of tuly came to me, recalled this case and said he just not know about such. And such examples in my work a lot. (It was lymphangioma of the abdominal cavity, which most often resolves itself.)

And the second story, literally this summer. With registry report that to me eager girl with flowers. I say — of course, miss. Comes she, young, beautiful, with a huge bouquet of flowers. the
Doctor, you are not me know. But 18 years ago my mother was advised to terminate the pregnancy, and only you said: it is necessary, all will be well. Today is my eighteenth birthday, and I came here to thank you. (I now and tears on my eyes. They tracked me down after all these years to thank for the correct diagnosis.)


MD, doctor of ultrasound of the highest category

Is a leading specialist in the diagnosis of congenital abnormalities of the fetus. The only doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics, was awarded the state prize for science technology for contribution to the development of the specialty.


  • 1-St Moscow medical Institute them. I. M Sechenov


  • Certificate of the specialist of the Russian Academy of postgraduate education
  • The certificate of the international fetal medicine Foundation, UK

Experience with 1976 years. In including prenatal genetic Centre of Fetal Medicine. For years of work is written and published about 160 scientific articles

The answers to the questions of the patients

If my gynecologist, watching the pregnancy, no suspicions, has does it make sense to go to You?

It depends on the skills of a gynecologist, but the current level of training of doctors is very good and the probability that in the absence of suspicion, I need — small. I noted, as a grown up professionals with the young, whom I gave lectures. Glad to see that students in some areas surpass the teacher. And it's okay! It is a new generation of smarter, faster, more talented, but less experienced.

And how important is experience in your work?

I will say this: there is a pathology, which the practitioner continually meets once in 5-10 years. And if her doctor before met theoretically, he about her know he just not can decide what to do. He not know this is the norm, pathology or is it a case that will go into the norm. Many congenital pathological state, occurring in the fetus, have the tendency to cure itself. And the main thing is not to scare the patient, not send the termination of pregnancy, and quietly wait.

And have you make mistakes?

Of course, mistakes happen at any. It is an inevitable process of the medical practice. The question of interest and the materiality of these errors. In the beginning there were mistakes from ignorance. There were mistakes and from a wrong logic.

For the last time, how often recommend to terminate the pregnancy?

Very rare. In the beginning, like most young doctors, I was a maximalist. We have identified the malformations of the fetus and believed that such a pregnancy must be interrupted. But now my attitude has changed dramatically. This is a very subjective opinion, a person is sick or not. And it is entitled to life. Taught me a lot the patients themselves. Here, for example, the beginning was at my case when I not replaced the lack of hands of the child. A woman after childbirth came to me, to show the son and to say that she's still his would have left. And when after many years she came to me other problems, I asked her as a son. She said that the son of the Manager in Bank, has two higher educations, a lot of brides don't know how to choose and leads a full, happy life.

Or, recently, comes to me a pregnant woman with no arms, like this same congenital defect. I asked: tell me honestly, wanted you not to live because of this? Think if you miserable? And she replied confidently — what you, no! From my wonderful family, this is the second child, I got an education, I happy!

P.S. I work in Prenatal genetic Centre of Fetal Medicine, and have we are perinatal councils. Come with all Russia women malformations of the fetus, we define the degree, cures, and then, after birth, the Institute takes kids on a surgery. And statistics how many cases the doctors in the regions recommend to unjustified termination of pregnancy. Unreasonable, this means that, Yes, the child has a malformation, but it is treated. And you know about a quarter of cases our doctors in the regions is recommended to terminate the pregnancy, which is a Keeper. 25 % of cases! And is only those who get to... It's very scary.

Have me in life had a patient, when it seemed to me that the defect can be operirovat, I got her to keep the baby, the surgery was done, but child survived. And the parents asked me — why you recommended that to continue the pregnancy, if he still dead. But is the same life! We must try to save. But if not trying, but nothing learn, nor to treat or to diagnose.

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