The opening of GMS Clinic at Smolenskaya
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The opening of GMS Clinic at Smolenskaya: health just became closer!

Global Medical System is opening a new clinic in the center of Moscow – GMS Smolenskaya. Within the three floors of this clinic, there will be outpatient services, pediatrics, gynecology, and dental departments… Overall, it will contain everything that is needed to maintain the health of a modern person.

GMS Смоленская

At GMS, our predominant goal has always been to provide patients with the best doctors and medical team. Today, GMS Clinic has one of the strongest medical teams in Moscow. Now, the time has come to upgrade: we are pleased to present Moscow with our new face of GMS,” says the Managing Director of GMS Clinic, Igor Krasnolutski. “We have been granted the opportunity to open in Smolensk and we are please to have agreed to this location. GMS Smolenskaya is opening in the same place where our partner-company, the European Medical Center, once had their dental clinic”.

Игорь Геннадьевич Краснолуцкий Андрей Юрьевич Волков Олег Олегович Тогоев
Igor Krasnolutski
Managing Partner
Andrey Volkov
Dentistry Medical Director
Oleg Togoyev
Medical Director

However, the emergence of various medical services within the same walls does not simply replace one medical center for another; the building has been completely transformed. The interior was beautifully designed and developed by the Liturinsky & Leost Studio. Their design is also displayed throughout the walls of GMS Clinic on 2nd Yamskaya. For Smolenskaya, GMS had asked for a unique, non-medical style. This ultimately resulted in an exquisite, colorful interior, as an interactive museum. It is very important, because the doctors are able to not only provide superior medical services, but are also able to do so in a comfortable environment.

To add, GMS’s new clinic has implemented an innovative medical concept. “We have brought together all outpatient services, and put them under one roof; finally patients will not have to travel from clinic to clinic for various health needs, including dental care. It is very important to have a systemic approach to health maintenance. There has been a trend in healthcare lately, to resolve various issues with the help of physicians from different specialties. For example, a dentist may work in close cooperation with the patient’s family physician, gastroenterologist, therapist, and though it may sound strange, with a spine specialist. The dependence is simple: the poor state of the patient’s teeth and gums may result largely from digestion problems. Next, the immune system, liver, and heart. The most common example: joint planning surgery” says Igor Krasnolutski.

Oleg Togoyev, the Medical Director of GMS Clinic, described the new clinic, “with the opening of our new clinic, we are able to significantly improve the quality of services. Medical care has now become more accessible: the clinic is located 25 meters from the subway station, in the center of Moscow, and will operate from 8am to 10pm. GMS Yamskaya will continue to operate throughout the remainder of the night. Medical care has been optimized: we are based on a western approach to medicine, which shields the patient from unnecessary investigations and excessive costs for treatment or assessment. We are positive that patient satisfaction will only continue to increase: we try to effectively organize all patient records and quickly arrange any medical documents. Even when doctors go home, they are only a phone call away. And of course, we have worked extensively towards ensuring safety in all healthcare services: our nurses are certified in the stimulation center, which advances their skills to meet international safety standards for invasive procedures. Physicians also continue their medical education, through clinical audits or training in medical communication and emergency assistance.

These four pinpoints — satisfaction, optimal accessibility, safety, and quality, are the foundation for modern medicine”.

The opening of a new clinic on Smolenskaya also allows for greater development of GMS’s usual clinic on 2nd Yamskaya. This building has proved to be successful in regards to hospital services. Enhancements for 2nd Yamskaya will include a modernized operating unit, a new resuscitation block, and an updated Center of Traumatology, Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation. Likewise, The Center of Inborn Pathology, headed by Doctor Natalia Belova, will continue and expand its practice at GMS’s old address. Currently, this is the only center in Russia that specializes in the wide range of problems revolving around Osteogenesis Imperfecta. This disorder lies beyond the general scope of practice, and is very specific for each patient. In order to provide the best treatment, eminent doctors of different specialities gather at GMS for consultations.

GMS Смоленская  GMS Смоленская

Interestingly enough, the opening of GMS’s first clinic took place at the same time as the crisis of 2008 reached its peak. Now, in the midst of another stagnation, GMS is proudly opening their new clinic in Smolensk. Igor Krasnolutski does not consider the crisis to be an obstacle: “the main principle of our development is work, work, and work, continuously on our reputation. It is a difficult path, but it is the only way to ensure that we have the best specialists. In medicine, this is the most important thing. Great doctors choose where they work — our job is to create an inviting, professional environment and comfortable atmosphere. The only way to expand in spite of a crisis is by working with outstanding specialists. Our patients feel the harmony among coworkers at GMS. As practice has proven, this is the most effective anti-crisis secret.”

The new clinic GMS Smolenskaya is located at 1-y Nikoloshchepovskiy per., 6/1, Moscow.

Open doors days are held at the clinic everyday until the 30 November. To sign up for an individual welcoming tour, please call +7 495 781 5577. Also, GMS will be offering some pleasant surprises, discounts, and gifts for all visitors during open doors.

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