February 28 — Rare Disease Day
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Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...

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February 28 — Rare Disease Day

«Rare Forum» was held on February 27 at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. For eight years now, throughout the whole world, we celebrate Rare Disease Day on the last day of winter. The slogan is day-by-day, hand-in-hand.

In addition to sharing experiences about rare diseases, which is very important, questions were raised about facilitating assimilation into society for people with disabilities. Both doctors and patients reported that this was very beneficial, and sharing personal experiences was a pleasure and learning opportunity for all.

Vadim Bondar, the pediatric ophthalmologist at GMS Clinic, spoke at the forum. Provided below is an excerpt from his personal blog:

«My patients — unfortunately, patients with eye diseases also encounter difficulties. This is mainly due to the perception we have of them. Visually impaired children are constantly facing problems with admission to schools. Educators do not consider visually impaired children as promising, and do not give them the attention they need. Society must change, and expand their knowledge.»

Vadim Bondar, the pediatric ophthalmologist at GMS Clinic

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