Preparing for a trip with your child
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Preparing for a trip with your child

Nadezhda Margarina on

Summer is coming up and many families are planning to go on vacation. Nadezhda Margarina, Head of the Department of Pediatrics, tells Ezhik Ezhik how a family can use this time to rest and uphold their health, rather than leading to unpleasant consequences. Below is an excerpt:

— Parents are often advised to take long vacations of at least two weeks, such that their children can have ample time to get accustomed to the location. Is this a valid recommendation? What is a fitting duration for a family vacation with children?

— The time spent en route to your vacation is always a burden. Any age group tends to behave unusually during this time, creating a stressful atmosphere. This is why the days spent en route will not be days of rest. If you are traveling to a location with a significantly different climate, it will take two more days to get used to it; traveling back will have the same effect. As a result, instead of having 6 days of relaxation, you have 6 days of adaptation and the baby cannot rest. Taking this into consideration, it is necessary to increase the duration of your vacation.

Additionally, you should remember that the length of the adaption period depends on your child’s nervous system. Many children, especially those under 5 years old, are very emotional, but cannot always express their feelings verbally. They tend to feel worried, annoyed, temperamental, and impulsive. Some might start biting their nails, or wetting themselves. Parents, by the way, do not always track these moments and do not understand the real cause of the mood changes. This is caused not by acclimatization, but by an overload of the nervous system. The experiences are not always negative; a large amount of events, parties, surprises, or new acquaintances can be very tiring for your child. If parents know that their child is emotional, then after an eventful day there needs to be a day of rest, without strong emotions.

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