We're not afraid of dentists anymore!

We're not afraid of dentists anymore!

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Many of us have been afraid of going to dentists since childhood, and now when we’ve become parents, we automatically get anxious when we need to get our kids’ teeth checked. Nowadays, children’s fear of dentists can be easily remedied in Moscow. Thanks to the close interaction of GMS Dental specialists, they’ve found an effective way to treat kids who are afraid of dentists. Parents can opt to have a children’s psychologist meet with their family during the visits. Why is this necessary, and how does it work? The doctors explain:

Anait Grishkian Head children’s dentist at GMS Dental Moscow:

«In the design of our dental office, we used bright colors, unusual designs, and attractive elements such as animated cartoons and music. This puts our young patients in a positive mood. To ease their nervousness, we use the method «explain-show-do.»

We're not afraid of dentists anymore!

Natalya Astafurova clinical psychologist, psychotherapist at GMS Clinic:

«The key challenge for a psychologist is to make the child understand how teeth grow, why people need teeth, and why it’s important to keep them healthy. We also show the child the benefits of proper dental care by identifying the child’s favourite celebrities who have beautiful, strong teeth. For this we use art-themed games, drawing, sculpture, role-play, and informational videos. By talking to a psychologist, the child learns a great deal of new information, in an accessible form, about dental health and about how dentists can help them fight various ’invaders’ and ’enemies’ in their mouth.»

We're not afraid of dentists anymore!

The psychologist also consults the parents, because a child’s first impression of a dentist often depends on how the family has prepared him or her for the visit. If the child has had negative conditioning, a psychologist can help eliminate the child’s fear of doctors and procedures, and can put him or her in the right frame of mind for the treatment. Such consultations with specialists often precede the actual dental treatment.

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