Ivan Vituk
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Ivan Vituk


Anesthesiologist, intensive care physician

  • In practice since 2009, at GMS since 2019
  • Foreign languages: English
  • Hobbies: travelling, paragliding


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Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...

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Areas of professional interest:
  • Children’s anesthesiology


Omsk State National Academy of the Federal Agency of Healthcare and Social Development, specialization in Medical Business, 2007

Postgraduate education

  • Residency training at the Omsk State National Academy, in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, 2009


  • Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, 2019


  • City Clinical Emergency Hospital № 1 Omsk, anesthesiologist-intensivist
  • Central Clinical Hospital № 1, Moscow, anesthesiologist-intensivist
  • Multidisciplinary Republican Medical Center, Branch of the Federal Scientific and Clinical Center of Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia, Yalta, anesthesiologist-intensivist
  • City Clinical Hospital № 67 named after L.A. Vorokhobov, the Department of Healthcare of Moscow, anesthesiologist-intensivist
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