Boris Kirkin
Boris Kirkin

Boris Kirkin

MD, PhD, Professor

Head Physician

  • In practice since 1967, at GMS Clinic since its founding
  • Foreign languages: English
  • Hobbies: music
Areas of professional interest:
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Functional Bowel Disorders
  • Gastroenterology
  • Internal medicine
  • Coloproctology

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Dear Irina, I want to thank you all so much for making my stay in hospital so bearable. You are all so professional and dedicated...

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  • M.Sc. from the 2nd Pirogov Medical Institute (now renamed The Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University), specializing in Hospital Therapy. Masters Thesis written in 1973 on the pathogenesis of cardiac arrhythmias in Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease patients.


  • 1967-1981: practice at the 2ndPirogov Moscow Medical Institute, Hospital Therapy Department.
  • 1981-1997: head of the department for treatment of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease at the Russian Health Ministry’s Coloproctology Institute.
  • Actively participated in the organization of therapy at several of Moscow’s leading private medical centers.
  • Established inpatient facilities at the Medicina Center, 1996.
  • Head physician at European Medical Center.
  • Clinic director at the National Medical Service Clinic.

Further Achievements

Doctoral thesis written in 1990 on therapeutic tactics for severe forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Awarded title of Professor in 1992. Over 250 written scientific publications, 12 author’s certificates for inventions, and ten methodology handbooks.

Active participation in the publication of the following monographs:

  • Coloproctology (1986)
  • Dietary Fiber (1987)
  • Colonic Diverticulosis (1990)
  • The Therapist’s Gastroenterology Handbook (2000)
  • The Concise Gastroenterology Handbook (2001)

The death of Boris Kirkin

On the evening of December 28, 2014, the heart of our beloved head physician, professor, and doctor of medical services, stopped. Boris Kirkin was about to turn 76 years old on January 15th.

Boris was a remarkable man in all respects, and an expert in medicine, to which he devoted his whole life. A student of Academician Lukomsky, Professor Kirkin worked with the best physicians of the country- V.D. Fedorov, G.I. Vorobiev, and Professor I.M. Korochkina. He was also an exceptional teacher; many of his students advanced to leading positions in various hospitals and institutions.

The passing of Boris was a huge loss- not only for medicine, but for his colleagues and students; for his patients, to whom he gave his heart and soul. Such doctors are never forgotten, and we have always tried to learn from him.
It is hard to imagine that we will no longer see our cherished doctor in the corridor of our clinic- that we will no longer hear his jokes or be able to ask questions of such a knowledgeable man.

He will always live on in our memories, and in the history of our clinic, which he founded.

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