Ilona Absandze
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Ilona Absandze

Physical therapist, occupational therapist, specialist in the selection of technical means

  • In practice more 17 years. At GMS Clinic since 2014
  • Foreign languages: English, German
  • Hobbies: travel

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Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...

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Areas of professional interest:
  • Physical therapy
  • Clinical work with children who have motor disorders of neurological and orthopedic nature, and their families
  • Supervision and professional development of personnel, in particular, physical therapists
  • Organization of rendering services in physical and social rehabilitation, activity on prevention of diseases, and also professional support of the experts working in the field of physical and social rehabilitation and adaptive physical culture


Raul Wallenberg International University for Family and Child

Further Qualifications

  • Social voluntary year of Germany, rehabilitation clinic for children and adolescents, CARITAS kindergarten, 1997
  • Social year, the children’s house boarding school for children with multiple disabilities, Pavlovsk, 1998
  • Practice, centre for children with multiple disabilities, Leiden, Netherlands, 1998
  • Coordinator of volunteers working with children with multiple disabilities, Pavlovsk, 2000
  • Certificate «Fitball-gymnastics», 2002
  • Seminar «Motor development of children with down syndrome», Down side Up, Moscow, 2002
  • Practice rehabilitation center «Linbus» Hamburg, Germany, 2004
  • Head of the project «Rehabilitation», PNI, Peterhof, 2005
  • Institute of Special psychology and pedagogics. R. Wallenberg; specialization in special psychology, 2005
  • Diploma of special psychologist and instructor of AFC, 2005
  • Certificate of the course «technical means of rehabilitation», Denmark, 2012
  • Internship-Orthopedics, Workshop «Krebs», Germany, Dueseldorf, 2015


  • Certificate of «Motor development of children with cerebral palsy», 2005
  • Certificate «Bobat-therapist», 2005
  • Certificate «Psychomotor», 2008
  • The course «Physical rehabilitation of children and adolescents with lesions of the Central nervous system (basic Bobath therapy)», Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University, 2009
  • Seminar «Peculiarities of work with children with multiple disorders», 2011
  • Seminar «Disruption and the development of communication in children with multiple disorders», 2011
  • Certificate «How to teach adults», 2014
  • Certificate «Taping of children with cerebral palsy», 2015


  • Clinical work with children who have motor disorders of neurological and orthopedic nature, and their families;
  • Clinical work with children with multiple developmental disorders, including palliative care, and their families;
  • Clinical work with children who have disorders of processing sensory information, including children with disabilities;
  • Carrying out educational programs on physical therapy, physical rehabilitation, correct movement of patients and protection of personnel, organization and carrying out clinical practice;
  • Postural management. Selection of technical means.
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