Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation Therapy

Artem Karpakov
Artem Karpakov


Neurologist, Manual Therapist, Osteopath, Top expert


Whole team
Grigory Bashkirtsev

Neurologist, manual therapist, rehabilitation specialist


Vitaliy Nartikoev

Manual Therapist, doctor of physical therapy and sports medicine


Andrei Oros

Manual Therapist, Orthopedic Traumatologist, Top expert


Alexey Rykunov

Orthopaedic surgeon, Chief of Trauma and Orthopaedic Department


Andreas Stromberger

Head of the rehabilitation departmentat the Center of Congenital Pathology


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Dear Irina, I want to thank you all so much for making my stay in hospital so bearable. You are all so professional and dedicated...

The Rehabilitation Therapy Centre at GMS Clinic offers the following:

  • Co-operation with leading specialists who look after the health of top-level athletes from various countries
  • Years of experience working with the CSKA Moscow basketball club – one of Europe’s top teams
  • Modern diagnostic equipment
  • Individual rehabilitation therapy design.
Specialising in:
  1. Rehabilitation after injuries and fractures
  2. Rehabilitation after arthroscopy and hip or knee replacement surgery
  3. Recovery after stroke
  4. Treating sports and ballet injuries
  5. Treating musculoskeletal pain in the neck, spine and limbs

The Rehabilitation Therapy Centre at GMS Clinic in Moscow focuses on post-injury rehabilitation. This is aimed at people leading active lifestyles in which sprains, bruising or fractures become the rule rather than the exception. Consequently, the primary task for the Centre’s specialists is to diagnose all injuries correctly and select a treatment method based on the individual needs of a patient’s body.

Due to the nature of its services, the Rehabilitation Therapy Centre at GMS Clinic constantly encounters formidable medical problems that are solved successfully thanks to our highly-qualified personnel and excellent equipment resources.

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