Alexandra Ledeneva
Alexandra Ledeneva

Alexandra Ledeneva



  • In practice since 2010, at GMS since 2016
  • Languages: English
  • Hobbies: sport, travel, painting
Areas of professional interest:
  • Innovative technologies in endodontics
  • Work with the use of the operating microscope
  • Aesthetic and functional restoration of teeth

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Dear dr Alexey and staff at the GMS clinic, Thank you for performing an excellent job with my hip fracture...


Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy


  • Internship in RUDN University
  • Residency in Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry


  • Mako Anterior course «Anatomy & Function», Budapest, Hungary, 2016
  • 4th Autum Brain Dental Session, 2016
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes in Endodontics and Dentistry Restoraive, Benevento, Italy, 2015
  • Dr. Phillipo Santarkandgello, Advanced endodontics, 2015
  • Master-class of Endodontic Synergy, VDW GmbH «Innovative Techniques in Endodontic Treatment», 2015
  • Restoration of lateral group of teeth Enamel Function. Work with paints, 2015
  • Technique perform basic clinical protocols in endodontics. Acute pain and emergency in endodontics, 2015
  • Tunneling technique and connective tissue grafts for root coverage. Digital Gum Design, Portoroz, Slovenia, 2015
  • Practical workshop «Photography in dentistry. Volume with light», 2015
  • The use of the SAF endodontic system, 2015
  • Esthetic restoration in the anterior, 2015
  • Fabrication of all-ceramic restorations the chair of the patient with a CAD/CAM system Cerec, 2014
  • Eduardo Mahn «the Art of creating functional and aesthetic direct restorations»
  • Current opportunities dentist: composite and ceramic restorations without the help of a dental technician, 2014
  • New solutions in the disinfection and obturation of the root canal system
  • Sergio Kuttler, «Scientifically proven 3D (three-dimensional) obturation endodontic treatment», 2014
  • Lumineers smile design workshop, 2013
  • Aesthetic and conservative rehabilitation using adhesive techniques: the standard 2013, 2013
  • Clinical aspects of pain management in dentistry — protocols clear and predictable result 2013
  • Master class in innovative teeth whitening system 2nd generation KLOX
  • Patient safety in dentistry: myths and reality. Critical and emergency conditions in dental practice, 2012
  • Master-class «Dental magnification in difficult clinical cases as a key for successful endodontic treatment», 2012
  • Features restore the cavities of the IV class. The technique of «silicone key», 2012
  • Restoring the function and aesthetics of the teeth with the use of pressed ceramics, 2012
  • Clinical aspects of pain management in dentistry — from endodontics to implant, 2012
  • Master-class «The way from theory to practice. How to reach the predictable result due to the technical improvements», 2012
  • Practical demonstration of VDW Endodontics Synergy GmbH «The way from theory to practice. How to reach the predictable result due to the technical improvements», 2012
  • Master-class of Endodontic Synergy, VDW GmbH «Innovative Techniques in Endodontic Treatment», 2011
  • Master class on clinical teeth whitening system-Zoom, 2011
  • Innovation technologies in aesthetic dentistry, 2011
  • Diagnosis of occlusal disorders, their prevention and treatment guidelines in therapeutic, orthopedic dentistry and orthodontics, 2010
  • Practical application of electromyography studies in the dental practice using the system Freely, 2008


  • Ortodont Compleks, endodontist
  • European Medical Center (EMC), endodontist

Further Information

Participation in Congresses

  • Angie Segatto DDS, MBA, Assoc. Professor Emil Segatto DDS candidate, Congress Budabond, Budapest, Hungary, 2016
  • Member of the discussion club «Quintessence», 2016
  • International Endodontic Congress, 2016
  • International scientific conference national Academy of active longevity and the Japanese Association of international Academy of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, «Youth is life long. Platzentarna therapy of age associated conditions», 2016
  • 5th conference «Club of effective management in dentistry», 2016
  • The first global Congress «Dental implantology and periodontics», 2016
  • XI international Congress vdw-file Endodontic synergy GmbH «Innovation technologies in Endodontic treatment», 2015
  • International multidisciplinary Congress «Hyperrealism in methods of treatment in stomatology», 2015
  • International Symposium «Quintessence of endodontics. In difficult clinical cases Endodontic treatment. Restoration of teeth after endodontic treatment», 2014
  • The first international Congress of specialists in digital dentistry, 2015
  • Scientific conference «science-based approaches on the basis of the leading Italian laboratories OGNA», 2014
  • Amaechi Bennett, «New approaches to the treatment of caries and dentine hypersensitivity»
  • Peter Rotterdam, «the Latest trends in periodontics. The use of ozone for the treatment and prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis and periimplantitis»
  • IX international Congress vdw-file Endodontic synergy GmbH «Innovation technologies in Endodontic treatment», 2013
  • In the third Endodontic Congress «application of the method interoperational microscopy in endodontic treatment and restoration of rehabilitation of the tooth», 2013
  • 3rd Russian endodontic Congress, 2013
  • VIII international Congress vdw-file Endodontic synergy GmbH «Innovation technologies in Endodontic treatment», 2012
  • The second Russian endodontic Congress, 2012
  • International Congress of vdw Endodontic synergy GmbH «revolutionary techniques in Endodontic treatment» 2010


  • Member of the endodontic section of the Old International Endodontic Federation, the European Endodontic Society
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