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Roman Glebovsky

Фотография Roman Glebovsky
  • Head of the Neurotic and Psychogenic Disorders Clinic, top expert

  • Board Certified Top-Category Physician

  • at GMS Clinic since 2008

  • 1995In practice since

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About a doctor
Foreign languages: English
Hobbies: travel



  • Post-stroke and post-traumatic rehabilitation and therapy
  • Treatment of autism, cerebral palsy, and developmental speech disorders in children and adults
  • Treatment of premature infants at risk of neuropsychological pathology and developmental disorders
  • Treatment of borderline psychiatric conditions, depression, phobias, panic attacks, sexological disorders, etc.
  • Alcoholism treatment and rehabilitation
  • Postcovid therapy for mental (psychotherapeutic) complications, deterioration of cognitive functions and other neurotic symptoms after the COVID-19 disease
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of all borderline and psychosomatic conditions
Experience and education
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